How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Electric Shock

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Electric Shock

24 January 2023

Since April is National Pets month we have decided to share with you some useful advice on how to keep your pets safe from electric shock. According to the RSPCA, nearly 50% of Brits own a pet. Many of us treat our pets as family members so it is natural that we want them to be safe.

However, when left alone, pets become inquisitive about things. Any electrical cables left plugged in can cause an accident with life-changing consequences. Based on our experiences, these are the most useful preventative measures to keep your pets safe:

Oh, Those Juicy Cables

One of the most common hazards are cables. Your pet may start chewing or playing with them leading to electric shock or even house fires so keeping Cables out of sight is a good preventative measure.

If you are not able to hide the cables, you have several options. You can secure them with plastic trunking, spray them with ‘No Chew Spray’ or wrap them up with rubber covers.

If your pet is young and is teething, it will naturally want to chew things. Make sure they have plenty of teething toys and healthy food accessible to them. You may also want to consider buying pet gates so you can keep them away from where electrical cables and other hazards are.

Charging our phones overnight is common in most households. However, a phone charger is a potential hazard for your pet. Whilst sleeping, your pet could find your charger quite interesting. You can prevent your pet from chewing the charger by simply getting into the habit of charging your phone a few hours before going to bed or placing your charger and phone out of reach.

Forbid Warm Snoozes

Pets, especially cats, love sleeping on or behind warm devices such as computers. Try to eliminate this habit and encourage your cat to create a warm bed next to the radiator or by a sunlit window.

Don’t Leave Pre-heated Appliances Alone with your Pets

Hot appliances are extremely dangerous for your pets. It takes only one touch of a hot surface and your Pet will get hurt. You should never leave your Pet in a room where an electric heater is turned on or still hot.

If you use hair straighteners/curlers make sure to keep them away from your pets (especially when they are still hot). Your curious friends can fail to resist the temptation to sniff, lick or even jump on them and potentially get burnt.

Use Only Qualified Electricians

Poorly serviced electrical installations can result in fires where not only your pets, but family members can be seriously hurt as well. Use only registered and fully accredited electricians to carry all electrical work.

We are fully qualified electricians based in York and can help you to secure your cables, fix all the sockets and other electrical installations so that your pets and family members are safe at home. Get in touch with our friendly team (and pet lovers) for helpful advice or further information.

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